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Products that mantains the flavour of old traditions and italian artisanship.

Starting from a family and artisanal company, two young men have founded Typical South, a brand born with the aim to spread the quality of Made in Italy products all over the world.

We produce, we seek and choose personally, trough several tests, the best products to offer to the global market.

We only proprose excellent artisanal products, with unique flavours and made up of high level raw material.

We think that quality is the characteristic that distinguishes us from all.


The various stages of the preparation are a fundamental point.

Every company and customer can personalise, adding crearivity, the final product.

Ice creams can be decorated with different toppings such asChocolate, chopped hazelnuts, jam, cocoa, chopped pistachio, powdered sugar, waffle, cream, fresh or dried fruit.

Customizing the flavours make the ice-cream aesthetically perfect.  


Our passion makes us unique in the making of our products,handmade one-to-one.

We choose freshness and authenticity for our products in order to create only high quality and excellent items.

With a unique and unmistakable flavour our products are well known since the beginning, and your approval is our strenght.

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Our mission is the foundation of Giovanni Castelli’s vision.
Thanks to his experience working with Italian and international small and medium-sized companies, together we have been able to bring together the best and brightest aspects of Italy to bring Made In Italy products to markets around the world. Best of all, our items are available at the click of a button. We can assure you that your shopping experience on Macrigi Marketplace will be simple, convenient and the best you’ve ever had!

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