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Macrigi Marketplace

Macrigi is all about YOU! Macrigi is all about bringing excellence. Macrigi is all about transforming your shopping experience!

Macrigi Marketplace is the only platform to get top-notch products that are Made in Italy at an affordable price! We are wholesalers who gather small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into one convenient location. We specialize in technology, construction, fashion, food & beverage, and luxury products, and each team on our platform has attained our certification of excellence! 

We streamline our ordering process to be simple, speedy, and secure.

If you want the best Italian products on the marketplace, we have what you are looking for at prices that amaze! That’s why our promise is that you will always find what you need within your budget at Macrigi.  Join our unique community for unprecedented access to an extensive catalog of choices, all at wholesale pricing! 

The Project

The Macrigi Project, hand crafted by CEO and Founder G. Castelli, is founded on an idea of partnership between small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who need increased visibility. With extensive experience in entrepreneurship and business management, and an in-depth understanding of the Italian marketplace, G. Castelli made it his mission to combine the best Italian craftsmanship into one, convenient platform. We are built on trust, and in 2015, our ambitions became reality when our website launched and worldwide access was provided!

The extraordinary novelty

The convenience of the Macrigi Project is unmatched, with products reaching worldwide markets! By partnering with importers and wholesalers everywhere, we have been able to gain an edge in Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond! As the trusted name to know in Italian merchandise, Macrigi is the one stop shop for genuine Italian goods.

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Giovanni Castelli

CEO & Founder

Graziano Mamprin

Project Manager

Nicola Fiorentini

Director of Showrooms

Jacopo Trevisanato

Content Manager

Mohsen Fouzai

Sales Director

Giovanni Aristo

Administrative Director

Taurus International

Distribution Partners

London, United Kingdom

Registered Office: 1 College Yard 56, Winchester Avenue
London NW6 7UA
Show Room: 207 High Street
Stoke On Trent ST65EG

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