Macrigi LTD

we are always looking for capable marketers and salespeople.

Our mission is to help small and medium-sized Italian enterprises (or SMEs) to make their certified fine goods and services available throughout the world! Sales managers must be highly experienced and strongly motivated to be part of the Macrigi LTD team. They must understand B2B and B2C sales methods.

How It Works

01 Italian Companies

Macrigi LTD consults certified ‘Made in Italy’ companies and features their products around the world with a state-of-the-art online platform. We specialize in both B2B and B2C marketing.

02 Commercial network

Our extensive customer-centric commercial network makes it easier than ever to contact potential clients and line up sales. Be ready to hit the ground running!

03 B2B eand B2c Sales

Business to business wholesale (or B2B) is the selling of products or services in bulk directly to another business. Business to customer (or B2C) is the resale of goods to a customer, rather than another business.

Sales Manager

Join The Macrigi Team

Macrigi LTD, has created the platform with the aim of helping Italian SMEs with Made in Italy certification to sell and advertise their wholesale production worldwide

On-Line Platform

Macrigi ltd operates and manages an online platform that assists sales managers and agents with managing commissions, contacts, and customers using personal info and previous sales.

Compensation and Royalties

Macrigi LTD pays commission for each of your completed orders. Our rate is 8% of each order, plus a monthly reimbursement for any incurred fees. We also supply payment for the management of your subagents with a rate of 4%. Our payments are sent monthly and 15 days after we get your invoice.

Exclusive mandate

With our Macrigi LTD exclusive mandate, you won’t have to worry about competition from other sales managers. The region where you conduct your sales is exclusive to only you. Be sure to work with your collaborators to effectively cover your sales region!

Management interface

Macrigi LTD offers a special interface for our sales managers. Here you can keep track of any payments, commissions, billing and other needed documentation. You can also contact your collaborators and customers regarding any orders. The interface dashboard features a chat that lets you can reach out to wholesalers, producers, or subagents. You can also voice any questions or concerns to the Macrigi Support Team. Please note that in order to receive your commission, you need to register your wholesalers and subagents with this interface.

Payment and Career

Macrigi LTD believes in rewarding the merit of our sales managers. That is why there is a possibility of receiving equity in the company as payment. Contact us to see if you qualify! Please make note of the following: Your Macrigi sales manager contract automatically renews every year. Bank transfers are processed every month.