Macrigi LTD

Welcome Agents

Macrigi Marketplace, has created the platform with the aim of helping international SMEs to sell and advertise their wholesale and retail production worldwide.

On-Line Platform

Macrigi ltd operates and manages an online platform that assists agents with managing commissions, contacts, and customers using personal info and previous sales.

Compensation and Royalties

The macrigi agent receives the commission on their orders, the revenue of their and a refund on the monthly expenses. Turnover prices are based on determination

Macrigi mandate

You will sell goods and services in a specific territory. Collaborate with your sales manager who will help you by training and transferring customers and following them in the best way.

Commercial network

Our extensive customer-centric commercial network makes it easier than ever to contact potential clients and line up sales. Be ready to hit the ground running!

International SMEs

Macrigi Marketplace select certified companies and features their products around the world with a state-of-the-art online platform. We specialize in both B2B and B2C marketing.

B2B and B2c Sales

Business to business wholesale (or B2B) is the selling of products or services in bulk directly to another business. Business to customer (or B2C) is the resale of goods to a customer, rather than another business.

Join The Macrigi Team

Macrigi is the first and original Marketplace of Made to SMEs products, representing SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) of excellence. The mission of the Macrigi Team is to promote the Made to SMEs brand internationally.  We intend to spread and promote the traditions of Certified  enogastronomic, fashion and craftmaship products

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Join The Macrigi Team

Macrigi LTD, has created the platform with the aim of helping Italian SMEs with Made in Italy certification to sell and advertise their wholesale production worldwide