The noble spelt – Thirty years of excellence

Care and passion of spelt

The Monterosso forest farm, one of the most representative of the Marches, with a centuries-old tradition, specializes in the organic cultivation of the oldest cereal in the world: spelt.

He produces and selects on his own land, between the provinces of Ancona and Pesaro-Urbino, the purest variety of spelt, the “Triticum dicoccum Monterosso Select” of which he obtained from the Ministry of Agricultural Policy the Plant Seed Patent.

It has a specialized plant for the transformation of the cereal, providing cleaning, peeling and beading, up to the production of 100% spelt flour obtained with a stone mill, ensuring accurate control of the entire supply chain.

This special spelt organic and selected, is among the products recognized Typical of the Marche Region.

Nothing is more beautiful than a spelt field

Monterosso specialties made with 100% organic spelt flour, ground stone, are: spaghetti, pennette, riccioli, orecchiette, conchigliette, tagliatelle and lasagna without egg, spelt pearly, spelt cakes, spelt flour, cockerels, spelt puffed and puffed with honey.

The pasta is dried for three days at a very low temperature of 38 – 42 degrees and produced with bronze die, making it sensory very tasty and tasty.

Food and wellness

Spelt is distinguished by its extraordinary organoleptic and nutraceutical properties.

It has a very pleasant taste and can be combined with all low-calorie diets, low in fat and cholesterol, rich in calcium and mineral salts, it contributes significantly to the well-being of the individual as if it were a real supplement.

Our vision - healthy dishes and respect for nature

If it is true that we are what we eat, the commitment to bring to the table dishes made with good and healthy ingredients takes on the value of a true mission, especially in a globalized world that puts profit before the goodness of what it sells.

The uniqueness of our seed is the result of a patient and rigorous work that has required over a decade of careful selection made in collaboration with expert agronomists.

A passionate and tireless dedication that expresses and summarizes our vision: to support with commitment, respect and gratitude nature to obtain and deserve the best from its generosity.

Technologies, methodologies, intuition, experience, wisdom: everything must be able to contribute to this goal with the awareness that health and goodness are not cultural inventions but free gifts that we can increase with respect and humility.

Certifications obtained

Organic Certification – issued by certification body Soil and Health,

Plant patent of the seed “Monterosso Select”,






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