Spirulina algae in 1gr tablets

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Spirulinas have always been harvested and dried for nutritional purposes thanks to their richness in essential amino acids, vitamins (in particular B group) and minerals, folic acid and iron (therefore precious anti-anemesis) Pack of organic spirulina maxima produced in Italian. 30 tablets of 1 gram (total 30 gr), in blister or cardboard boxes. Product registered in the National Register of Food Supplements at the Ministry of Health – Italy.

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Spirulina algae in 1gr tablets

The spirulina algae (Spirulina maxima) is a microscopic algae belonging to the family of the Oscillatoriacee, algae native to the equatorial zones, well localized in the lakes from the warm tropical waters in particular of the Central American and African lakes. Spirulinas have always been harvested and dried for nutritional purposes thanks to their richness in essential amino acids, vitamins (in particular of group B) and minerals, folic acid and iron (therefore precious anti-anemesis); it is generally used the multicellular alga. It can be used in various ways: taking it naturally as a supplement (half a cup of coffee equal to 1 gram) or in the kitchen. After grinding in powder, associating it with creams for sweets, ricotta, honey, in the shakes, in the salmorigli of condiment (for example added to oil EVO, parsley, garlic and salt), in cold sauces such as pesto alla genovese (oil EVO, garlic, basil), in energising drinks (combined with orange juice or bergamot, or other fruit juices). The same spirulina in twigs can be added as found in salads of vegetables, tomatoes or fruits, in fruit salads, in yogurt and milk.In the kitchen, suitably chopped, can be used in dough for bread, pizza, cakes and fresh pasta. By adding spirulina in twigs to each food we will transform it from a simple food to a superfood rich in proteins, vitamins, omega 3 and 6, precious fibers and minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium. Spirulina percentages of 1% of the food (1 g of spirulina per 100 g of food/drink) are recommended. It doesn’t contain iodine.


The spirulina produced by BIORISI srl is supplied in cardboard boxes containing two blister sheets of 15 tablets each of 1 gram, for a total of 30 tablets and 30 grams per package (cases)in accordance with the regulations and directives in force both in the European Union and in non-EU countries. SPIRULINA FOX BL is the practical and hygienic package of spirulina in 1 gr tablets to be used as a dietary supplement aimed at being a natural energizer and an adjunct of therapies against a series of pathologies. Our spirulina algae is a natural dietary supplement that contains: Vegetable Proteins, Vitamins, omega 3, omega 6, fiber, iron, potassium and magnesium.


Through the supply of vegetable proteins, vitamins, fiber, essential fatty acids, and its alkaline properties, Spirulina is an excellent adjunct in the prevention and treatment of many diseases including: Hypercolisterolemia, Hypertriglyceridemia, Anemia, Hypertension, Aging, Chronic and induced fatigue, Reduced sexual potency, infertility, Immunodeficiencies, Tumors.


Spirulina algae is a real food supplement for those who practice sports at the competitive level. During physical exertion, an oxygen supply 10 times greater than normal daily activities is required: in particular, as the heart rate increases, more and more red blood cells are involved in oxygen transport. An iron-rich food like spirulina algae is nothing but a great help to our organism when this is under stress. In addition, the mineral salts lost with sweating are quickly integrated thanks to this food! Spirulina algae is composed of more than 60% of proteins of the highest biological value.The content of vitamins is surprising: there are A, D, C, E, K, in addition to many vitamins of group B, including B 12 which is practically absent in other foods of plant origin. The triad of ACE vitamins gives the spirulina algae important antioxidant properties while amino acids and vitamin A are important catalysts in the process of building, maintaining and recovering muscle mass. The presence of vitamins and minerals also provides the right nutritional intake to pregnant and breastfeeding women. The presence of numerous mineral salts in the algae contributes to make this food a valuable supplement for all athletes. Spirulina algae contains: calcium (26 times more than cow’s milk), magnesium and potassium (involved in muscle contraction: their deficiency can lead to cramps, tendon and muscle injuries and fatigue), iron (bioavailable, useful in various forms of anemia), manganese, sodium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium.


Spirulina composition: Proteins 60% Carbohydrates 20% Fats (Lipids) 5% Minerals 7% Moisture 6% Energy values: 345/1463 Kcal – KJ Vitamin content per 10 g: Vit E (α-Tocopherol) 1 IU Vit A (β Carotene) 18mg Vit B1 (Thiamine) 0.31mg Vit B2 (Riboflavin) 0.35mg Vit B3 (Niacin) 1.46mg Vit B6 (Pyridoxine) 80 µg Vit B12 32 µg Folacin 1 µg Pantothenic acid 0.01mg Inositol 6.4mg Mineral content – Minerals per 10g Spirulina: Calcium 100mg Iron 15mg Zinc 0.3mg Phosphorus 90mg Magnesium 40mg Copper 0.12mg Sodium 60mg Potassium 160mg Manganese 0.5mg Chromium 0.028mg Germanium 0.006mg Selenium 0.002mg Composition of amino acids per 10 g Isoleucine 350mg Leucine 540mg Lysine 290mg Methionine 140mg Phenylalanine 280mg Threonine 320mg Tryptophan 90mg Valine 400mg Total 2410mg Non-Essential Amino Acids Alanine 470mg Arginine 430mg Aspartic Acid 610mg Cystine 60mg Glutamic Acid 910mg Glycine 320mg Histidine 100mg Proline 270mg Serine 320mg Tyrosine 300mg Total 3790mg Total Amino Acids 6200mg Com position of fatty acids C14.0 Myristic 1mg C16.0 Palmitic 244mg C16.1 Palmitoleic 33mg C17.0 Heptadecanoic 2mg C18.0 Stearic 8mg C18.1 Oleic 12mg C18.2 Linoleic 97mg C18.3 Gamma-linolenic 135mg Other 14mg Total 546mg Natural Pigments – Pigments per 10g: Phycocyanin (Blue) 1000-2000mg Chlorophyll (Green) 115mg Carotenoids (Orange) 37mg β Carotene 18mg

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