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We are pleased to present the “Pastificio Mozzo”, 100% Italian company producing high quality pasta that has decided to expand its market abroad with Macrigi Marketplace!

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Pastificio Mozzo – MADE IN ITALY

We exclusively use italian grain. We guarantee a clear and constant origin of our raw materials and consequent certainty of a quality product which conforms to the rigid Made in Italy preservation regulations.

We add pure water and air to the fine semolina flour. We use innovative technologies and an accurate production process to achieve our high quality pasta.


Bronze die , an high quality tradition

The bronze die is a noble and historic pasta production process. bronze creates small abrasions on the surface and gives a specific coarseness wich allows pasta to absorb all the sauce’s flavours. More over the bronze die process assumes the use of high quality wheat flour and a very long drying process.

It means preseve the organoleptic qualities and nutritive propertie s of the raw materials.

Low temperature drying

In pasta manufacturing plants, pasta is dried in 3-4 hours, with temperatures that reach 100°C and the nutritional quality is not preserved.

One of the principal characteristics of high quality pasta is the digestibility . The organoleptic qualities are therefore increased by the long drying cycles at low temperatures, preserving to the maximum the genuine flavour of our pasta.

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Our mission is the foundation of Giovanni Castelli’s vision.
Thanks to his experience working with Italian and international small and medium-sized companies, together we have been able to bring together the best and brightest aspects of Italy to bring Made In Italy products to markets around the world. Best of all, our items are available at the click of a button. We can assure you that your shopping experience on Macrigi Marketplace will be simple, convenient and the best you’ve ever had!

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