Fabio Lucchese 

Born in 1987, Fabio attended the prestigious Cerletti wine institute in Conegliano and then graduated from the Faculty of Viticulture and Enology at the University of Udine. Growing up in a family that for generation embraced winemaking, he has shown a passion for wine since he was young, helping his grandfather Giuseppe and his father Giacomo in the vineyard. After his studies he developed his practical skills working in different wineries in Veneto, Tuscany and California. In 2015 he founded “Enotria Tellus” and in 2016 he inaugurated the company with the first harvest and vinification. He takes care of the entire production cycle from the vineyard to the cellar. This allows him to have full control of all the phases up to the finished bottle, and guarantees a high level of quality. His great inclination to experimenting led him to VIAJO, a one of a kind product, and to the production of Merlot by refining the grapes in terracotta jars.

Anisa Abazi

Born in 1990, Anisa graduated from a linguistic high school and continued her training at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at the University of Trieste. After graduation, she began working at a food company as an intern and then as Operation Manager. In this environment she developed an interest for foods and marketing and started attending courses in Marketing, Social Advertising and Sales Techniques. She manages “Enotria Tellus” with Fabio since 2016, supervising the marketing and sales of their products. The passion for wine led her to obtain the Onav taster’s license at the Treviso section in 2018.

“I love this work and the synergy between me and Fabio reflects in our products. I am very happy to be able to free my imagination and my feelings in the labels design, where creativity is unbridled and ideas deemed impossible can materialize. One of my goals is conveying my light-heartedness, our boldness and originality in the images for the bottles.“



Enotria Tellus means “Land of Wine”. That’s how in ancient history people referred to Italy, to denote the great winemaking vocation of our territory.

During his training, Fabio was fascinated by this wording and decided to name his cellar this way.

Enotria Tellus is the expression of our winemaking roots and identifies our belonging to the land. With the choice of this name we want to underline how wine is the memory of a millenary history of which we are heirs.

Our mission is to enhance our territory by exhalting its past and tradition, enriching it with the present.

The winery is located in San Polo di Piave, a town in the area defined “Marca Trevigiana”. In 2015, renovation work began on the building that the Lucchese family previously used as stables. In 2016 the work comes to an end and Enotria Tellus is born.


We have invested in plants and equipment to operate accordingly with the most advanced wine processing and preservation techniques. This allows us to maintain the grape’s acquired characteristics and the typicality of each variety. In the winery the bright steel of tanks is paired by the warm wood of French and American oak barrels in which we refine our single-variety Merlot. In 2018 we also introduced terracotta jars custom made in Impruneta for our red wines.



The energy used in our company comes largely from photovoltaic plant, while the residual needs are covered by the hydroelectric plants located in the Dolomites.

The entire company philosophy is based on respecting the environment and therefore reducing any negative impacts on it.

Picture of EnotriaTellus


Our mission is the foundation of Giovanni Castelli’s vision.
Thanks to his experience working with Italian and international small and medium-sized companies, together we have been able to bring together the best and brightest aspects of Italy to bring Made In Italy products to markets around the world. Best of all, our items are available at the click of a button. We can assure you that your shopping experience on Macrigi Marketplace will be simple, convenient and the best you’ve ever had!

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