UpMan Kit – Man’s Sexual Health


UpMan Kit

Contains all the products of the UpMan line, designed and conceived to improve the male intimate life.

Contains a ring for perineal human toning, a male lubricant and sanitizing water.


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We have created a kit that collects all the products studied by Rosso Limone to improve man’s sexual life.

The Kit contains:

1) UpMan Ring

UpMan Ring is the ring designed and designed by Rosso Limone to tone men’s perineum.

The rigid material allows to perfectly wrap the penis and testicles and to position itself in the area of ​​the perineum, stimulating it and causing a passive gymnastics that strengthens it.

The structure of UpMan Ring is anatomically perfect to adhere to the body of the wearer without friction or risk of displacement.
The tongue at the base of UpMan Ring creates a toning massage of the male perineum, making the muscle stronger and more responsive.

A well-trained perineum allows man to better manage the timing of the orgasm.

UpMan Ring is available in 2 sizes.

UpMan Ring functions, ring for toning the male perineum:

– Strengthens the musculature of the perineum
– Increases the knowledge and therefore the management of the perineal musculature
– Improves erection
– Improves the management of orgasm times
– Promotes a more powerful and lasting erection
– Avoid problems with urinary incontinence
– Improves the body’s response to excitement

How to use UpMan Ring:

– Wear UpMan Ring favoring the passage of the penis and testicles, lubricating with UpMan Lube. Do not use it with an erect penis.
– Start the workout by wearing it for a few minutes, until the time gradually increases. Do not wear for more than three hours.
– At the end of the training slide it gently and wash it thoroughly with warm water and a mild detergent. For deeper hygiene use UpMan Clean, the biological cleansing water.

How to choose the size of UpMan Ring:
The correct choice of size is important for a correct use of UpMan Ring.
Take the measurement with the penis at rest:
– Pass a ribbon (not elastic) from above the penis to under the testicles
– Make sure that the tape adheres well to the body and is slightly pulled
– Perform the measurement three times at different times of the day
– Measure the tape by returning the measurement to a centimeter ruler
Size 1: tape length less than 20 cm
Size 2: tape length greater than 20 cm

2) UpMan Clean

UpMan Clean is a detergent and sanitizing water designed for human use.

It is produced in Italy with natural and organic ingredients.
Contains Tea Tree and Niaouly, which make it excellent for hygiene outside the home.
Few sprays of UpMan Clean allow you to always be fresh, clean and ready for any intimate occasion.
The 60 ml pack is convenient and practical for storing in the bag or between toilet products.
It does not require rinsing and offers a pleasant sensation of fresh and clean.
It can be used directly on the skin or on all male intimate objects, for a deep cleaning and sanitizing.
Detergent and sanitizing
Content: 60 ml

3) UpMan Lube

UpMan Lube is an intimate lubricant designed specifically for men.

Perfect for use in combination with UpMan Ring, the ring for toning the male perineum.
The formulation of UpMan Lube makes it perfect for the lubrication of intimate male toys and for sexual intercourse.
The texture and controlled viscosity of UpMan Lube is created to give comfort to man.
Made with pure water from the Dolomites, it contains natural ingredients, studied and produced in Italy.
Colorless and odorless, it has a very delicate fragrance, non-sticky and leaves no residue.
The 50 ml pack has been designed to be easily carried in the bag or discreetly placed among the toilet accessories.
Content: 50 ml

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 14 cm



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Ships From: Italy

Macrigi Ltd Rosso Limone Srl Store
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