GeaCup – Anatomic Menstrual Cup



GeaCup is the Made in Italy menstrual cup, unique in its kind.

Produced in TPE to adapt to the body and avoid any type of allergy.

Supplied in two sizes:

– Size 1 has a capacity of 20 ml at the edges;

– Size 2 has a capacity of 25 ml at the edges; Sterilizer included


Ships From: Italy

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GeaCup is the unique Made in Italy menstrual cup, designed following the shapes of the female body.

The GeaCup menstrual cup allows you to experience the menstrual cycle in complete freedom, without the use of absorbent pads or internal pads. Practical, hygienic, easy to use every day of the menstrual cycle.

Who can use the GeaCup menstrual cup?

– GeaCup can be used by all women of childbearing age. It has two sizes that always allow a comfortable use.
– The Size 1 has a capacity of 20 ml at the edges, it is suitable for young women, with age below 30 and who have not yet had children.
– Size 2 has a capacity of 25 ml at the edges, it is suitable for all women over the age of 30 or who have already given birth. It is also indicated for those who have an abundant menstrual flow.

GeaCup has unique shape and features:

– It is produced in TPE, does not contain latex and is completely hypoallergenic, also suitable for those with silicone allergies. The TPE allows it to modify its shape to adapt perfectly to the wearer. Unlike other materials, TPE shapes and does not snap into the vagina, thus preventing painful pressure on the urethra or on the vaginal walls.
– It has a semi-oval shape which favors its perfect housing inside the vaginal canal.
– It has a different thickness in the front and the rear side. The front is lower and softer to avoid pressure on the urethra, a very delicate area. This makes it perfect also for women who suffer from cystitis or vulvodynia. The back is reinforced to counteract the push of the rectum, given by the possible stagnation of feces.
– The rear edge is higher for easier use, in this way the cervix is ​​more easily received.
– The upper reinforcement ring is located inside the cup, so as to evenly distribute the pressure and make it more comfortable than any other cup on the market.
– The holes are aligned on the sides and oblique, to favor the vacuum and prevent them from clogging.
– The sterilizer facilitates hygiene and allows the cup to be restored to shape, making it new again with each use.
– The material is extremely resistant, this allows it to be used for years for a great saving value.
– It can be easily washed and sterilized, allow the person who use it to avoid the use of absorbents that are difficult to dispose of , causing damage to the environment.

How to use and sterilize the GeaCup menstrual cup?

– The use is very simple: inside the package there is a leaflet with three types of folding that facilitate the housing of the cup.
– To sterilize and sanitize it, just use the special sterilizer and for a deeper cleaning you can use “Breeze“, the organic liming cleansing water of Rosso Limone.

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Ships From: Italy

Macrigi Ltd Rosso Limone Srl Store
SKU: MD0001 Category: Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,
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