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L’Essenza di Puglia

We are a family company for 4 generations producing high quality extra virgin olive oil from the land of Masseria Pietrasanta of our property, in the area of ​​Salento in Carovigno (BR). Ours is a limited craft production, we do not produce oil with olives harvested from the ground but only from the tree and taken to the mill immediately after harvesting, we perform the double defoliation, both during the harvest and then repeat it in the mill before putting it into work of the olives, this to avoid that the leaves or twigs end up in the processing creating alterations of flavor and to obtain the greatest possible purity. The processing takes place entirely at low temperature and the oil is filtered by natural decantation avoiding the use of mechanical filters that can alter the organoleptic qualities.
Most of our trees are ultra-high trees (400-600 years old) numbered one by one from the Puglia region with a nameplate.
The old trees compared to young plants do not need to be watered avoiding the waste of water resources, or particular treatments.
We deeply believe in respect for the environment, we do not alter the environment where these majestic trees (up to 15 meters tall) are kept, keeping the wild myrtle, Mediterranean, wild and shrub vegetation, which are useful for distraction, as intact as possible. natural of the olive fly, we practice the mechanical weeding with light green manure so as not to alter too much the soil and its equilibrium.
In our company we also produce red wine and almonds.