PD, Italy

MONTEROSSO CRAFT BEERS- The best of ispiration 

«Our beers are inspired by traditional brewers’ methods, and are then enhanced through research, raw materials and typical product selection; we add to new trends our own local tastes and traditions.
For us, craftsmanship means transforming simple beer consumption in a taste experience, with the aim of leaving a
good impression.
We don’t propose an ordinary product, but one of high quality level and creativity which comes from the use of raw
materials, not substituted ones, no chemical additives or preservatives added; all our beers are unpasteurised and
unfiltered, in order to preserve taste and characteristics.»




– Amber Ale, American inspiration:

  • Nose is intense bitter orange and grapefruit notes, with a delicate wild flowers bouquet.
  • An easy-drinking and hoppy beer with citrus scents that can be initially recognized on the palate, replaced by bitterness but not astringent, typical of American style; moderate carbonation.


-Ale beer, German inspiration:

  • It has a wildflowers and acacia honey smell.
  • Fresh taste in which malt flavour prevails, along with a well-balanced taste of a sweetness and hops bitterness; moderate carbonation.


-Red Ale, Belgian inspiration, red hue:

  • Smells of ripe and candied fruit, caramel and bread crust.
  • At first on the palate, one can distinguish the taste of fruit, followed by caramel and finally a light toasty flavour; carbonation is low, enhancing perfumes and body.