First Access

First Access

As soon as you receive the email from Macrigi confirming the successfull application (picture 1 below), go to the homepage, click on the login button (upper right) and enter your login credentials (2-3). 

Agent Dashboard

Once you’ve logged in, click on the drop-down menu (the black box on the upper right) and select “Agents”, then “Agent Zone” (4)

Here you will be able to enter/modify your details and to check your profits, commissions and outstanding orders.


Agent Link, Code and ID

Where to find them

Within your Reserved Area, you can see your Agent LinkAgent Code and Agent ID on the top bottom of the page (5). 

The Agent Link is just the web site URL, that is plus a unique parameter (see example below).

Your Agent Code is the unique parameter which follows the site URL plus ?agt= (see example below).

The importance of your Agent Link,Code and ID

The Membership System works thanks to the Agent Link and the Agent Code. 

Please bear in mind that for every action you will perform on the platform (such as the manufacturer’s registration), you will have to enter the Agent Code (and not the Agent Link). 
By doing this, the administrator will be able to see which Agent is in charge of the procedure, in order to calculate any future commission and to reference the orders to the correct Agent.

The Agent ID instead is needed only for notifications. We kindly ask you to enter it only when requested.


Profits and Benefits

In the Agent Area, you can manage your profits, your paid and due commissions (6).


Adding Wholesale Customers

Access the Macrigi Portal from the Custormer’s device. 

From the drop-down menu (the black box on the upper right), click on “Wholesale Customer Registration” (7).


On the following screen, you will be able to see the Registration Form (8).

Kindly suggest the Wholesale Customer to fill it up, making sure to include your Agent Code in the specific section (see “Agent Code” above) and to carefully read the “Terms and Conditions” reported at the bottom of the page or at the info section on the footer of the website (9).



Wholesale Catalogue and Orders

Once the customer is successfully added, he or she will be able to access to a practical Wholesale Catalogue by clicking on “Wholesale Ordering” from the drop-down menu (10). 

From this section the customer will be able to choose and add required products by having access to the product’s full descriptions and price reductions (11).



First Wholesale Order for a new customer

How to purchase

In order to make the first wholesale purchase, the customer (or the agent from the customer’s account) will have to access the wholesale catalogue form the drop-down menu “Wholesale Odering” and select the desired products and amounts (12).

Once the wholesaler customer is ready for the checkout, he or she will just have to click on the “Cart” icon at the top of the page (13) and will be redirected to the “Cart” page to proceed with the payment.



The Checkout

On the checkout page, the customer will be able to see the summary of the purchase and the total cost of the order, including the shipping cost (14-15). If the wholesale customer have any discount coupon, he or she will just have to add the code in the box right below the list of the purchased goods and confirm it by clicking on “Apply Coupon” (14).

To proceed to the shipping details and to the payment page, click on “Proceed to Checkout” on the lower right (15).



In the next page, enter the billing address as shown in the examples below (16-17), making sure to enter correctly all the required fields. Should you wish to enter a different address for the shipping, kindly tick the box next to the billing address as shown on the picture 17 below and enter the details as requested. If the billing addres and the shipping address are the same, please leave that box unticked and proceed to the checkout.



On the same page, below the shipping form, the customer will be asked the preferred payment method. Once selected, the wholesale customer will have to make sure to accept our Terms & Conditions by ticking the box next to the checkout button (18).

To proceed with the purchase, click on “Place Order”.


By choosing the payment via Bank Transfer, the customer will place an order on the platform that will result as “pending” until the payment is done. The following page will show the banking details of our EUR/GBP/USD accounts (19). Macrigi will immediately send a payment receipt to the customer’s email address (20). In order to complete the purchase, the customer will have to request a wire transfer to the preferred account and we will process the order and send the invoice to the customer as soon as we receive the payment.