Umbria is an enchanted region, indeed is located between the green of the sinuous valleys where rise ancient villages. Umbria was born in the heart of the “Italian boot” and it is extended along the Tevere’s Basin. This is considered the region of Lake Trasimeno, the largest lake in central Italy: here among the hills, valleys and mountains there are still old Etruscan settlements. In the area of ​​Castiglione del Lago there is the biggest influx of these Etruscans ruind: here in fact the place combines the charm of the natural landscape to the romance and quiet of the lake. In this region there are one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Europe: the Marmore waterfalls. They plunge the Nera River and are165 meters high. Here everything is wrapped in thick vegetation and are a benchmark of excellence for sports lovers. Here, the town of Assisi is considered a very important place, indeed it was the birthplace of St. Francis, saint patron of Italy, and Santa Chiara. Perched on the slopes of the mountains there are other beautiful villages, like “nativity scene” as Bevagna and Spello. Another beautiful Umbrian medieval center is Gubbio, a picturesque village which is also linked to the life of Saint Francis. The provinces are: Perugia (regional capital), Terni.

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Umbria is a magnificent place surrounded by art and nature in which peace and serenity are the main features of the medieval villages set in those hills: these places are in fact source of inspiration. Gubbio is one of them, considered the most ancient city, reached its heyday in the Middle Ages. Here there are some of the most important gems of the region: the cathedral, the palace of Consoli symbol of the city and Palazzo Ducale. Furthermorethere are several traditional events like the Corsa dei Ceri in honor of the Saint Patron, and the Palio della Balestra, in memory of an ancient past. Another place of charm is Orvieto with its famous cathedral and the well of St. Patrick, masterpiece of Italian engineering around which revolve two non-spiral staircases with 248 steps to walk into reach the water 62 meters depth. In addition to the beauty of the cities, here there are many interesting things to see. Indeed there are some of the most significant international events as the festival of Two Worlds, in which you are catapulted into an atmosphere of great artistic quality and Assisi, one of the UNESCO sites, which is a collection of masterpieces of human creative genius. Assisi not only is a very welcoming city, but is also a place of ancient and folkloristic traditions. Perugia, the capital of Umbria, is a city of ancient origins. The old town is crawling with masterpieces of art and architecture with a museum heritage among the richest in Italy. Perugia is a real cultural center, two universities and some events of international echo make it a cosmopolitan city of great tourist interest.

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What to Do

Umbria is a very appreciated place by those who want to stay in touch with nature: it offers the possibility of tourist routes, in which you can visit forests, castles, villages, sanctuaries or the various countries such as Assisi and Spello. In Terni, thanks to the Marmore waterfalls, you can practice sports like kayaking or canoeing. Along the path of the park, there are tours organized for children, also animated, in which you can discover the territory. Source of inspiration and destination without time is the birthplace of St. Francis. In one hand, here you are in contact with boundless landscapes in an intimate dimension and on the other hand you can join the conviviality with the other pilgrims.

Moreover, you can find eateries along the way. Another path, with a gastronomic feature, are the famous “wine roads” made of natural flavors and history in which you can both taste the wine in the most important cities of Umbria and taste various local products. Umbria is famous for its craft shops in which glass, ceramics and wood are worked with mastery. Mandatory is a visit to one of the many mills scattered throughout the territory; a way to learn about the great Umbrian oil culture, the pride of all companies: here oil producers consortia have also obtained the DOP Umbria oil.

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Land of great flavors, Umbria is able to satisfy every palate but for those who love meat, this is the ideal place. thanks to the skill of the norcini, meat is transformed into delicious sausage or savory hams and salami, known in the world as “the Norcia ones” to be eaten with unsalted bread that enhances the flavor. Not only meat, Umbria is also known for cheese noteworthy are the pecorino cheese, fresh or aged. As side dishes there are the lentils from Castelluccio di Norcia, good for soups and soups. Besides lentils, these lands give life also to a type of very popular mushrooms, the truffles, the most common variety is the black truffle appreciated as a condiment for pasta and game, especially in the area of ​​Norcia and Spoleto, but also white truffles, which can be found mainly in the Tiberina Valley, in the areas of Orvieto and Gubbio. the golden and fruity olive oil gained the DOP brand (Protected Designation of Origin) for its level of quality and became a symbol of this country. Among the desserts you can not give up the traditional cake gingerbread. The Umbrian soil, finally, is particularly suited to viticulture and the temperate climate has allowed this land to produce high-quality white and red wines DOC, among the most famous we list the Assisi Grechetto and the Sagrantino di Montefalco.

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