Sardegna is a journey through ancient lands with large creeks, white beaches and an emerald sea. Here, wild and pristine nature covers much of the island, in fact, it gives us a beautiful landscape, sometimes it seems like a dream, finding yourself magically into places that are still untouched, inhabited by deers, wild horses and big birds of prey and rich in small desert areas, ponds and lush woods with trees even millennial. Costa Smeralda with its pearl, Porto Cervo, brings with it one of the many charms of Sardegna: the sea, king of the place, weaves in the hinterland with its many colors. From the sea to the mountain area, there is the region of Gennargentu, the largest mountain complex of Sardegna, with rich flora and fauna. Among the various things, you never stop finding amazing newness in this place, already stupendous; in fact, throughout the territory there are unique monuments that prove an ancient and still partly mysterious culture that runs from the fifteenth to the sixth century BC. Nuraghi, large blocks of stone, surround a central tower trunk-shaped that gives an impression of solidity and power; these ancient archaeological sites are symbols of an archaic and fascinating past of rituals and domestic life. The provinces of Sardegna are: Cagliari (regional capital), Carbonia-Iglesias, Nuoro, Olbia-Tempio, Oristano, Medio Campidano, Sassari, Ogliastra.

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Things To See

It’s really difficult to decide where to start visiting this beautiful place. An area that will definitely amaze you is the Maddalena archipelago with the so-called “seven sisters”, that are the main islands of the archipelago. Here, sailing along the coast or diving into the sea, you can admire the rich depths. The second largest island is Caprera, rich in pastures and pine forests, the place where Garibaldi and his family rest; here you can also visit his home that is a museum. Sailing from Caprera to Bocche di Bonifacio, you will be struck by the beauty of Budelli island, uninhabited and wild, with its charming pink beach, a natural masterpiece that gets its color from special corals and shells. Among the other tourist places to visit, Stintino is one of the most popular tourist destinations with facilities of the highest level. Among the picturesque landscape of white houses, a crystal clear sea and a blue sky, you can enjoy the best entertainments options offered by the place. Opposite the famous La Pelosa beach, there is the homonymous Tower, Aragon building of the ‘500, one of the ancient sighting towers throughout Sardegna. Dreamlike beaches stretches on the central eastern coast of the island, in the Gulf of Orosei, and they are characterized by white sands and wild nature, that the cement has not disfigured. Many caves and bays are destination of visitors in search of images and incomparable sensations: Cala Biriola, the Grotta del Bue Marino, Cala Liberotto and Cala Goloritzè are just some of the natural sceneries where time seems to have stopped. Sardegna combines sea, nature, traditions, mysticism and curiosities. Examples of this are the mysterious tombs of the giants, or “domus de janas” (witches houses) in the Sulcis Iglesiente, ancient tombs carved into the rocks that scatter the region. But it’s Nuraghi that make Sardegna famous: they are ancient stone towers that make up the largest and best preserved megalithic monuments in Europe. The nuragic village par excellence is the site Su Nuraxi of Barumini, in the province of Medio Campidano, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Cagliari, besides admiring the several colonies of flamingos in the lagoon, it is worth participating in the traditional festivities and festivals that take place throughout the year, like San Efisio festival, one of the most important religious and folkloristic events of the whole Sardegna. Going back to Oristano, an obligatory stop is the Roman archaeological site, Tharros, which offers a very suggestive panorama on the sea.

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What to Do

Stintino offers endless leisure possibilities: golf, boat trips and scuba diving, relaxing walks, bike riding or even horse-riding trips, exploring the hinterland to admire the typical Mediterranean vegetation or the ancient archaeological finds, like Nuraghi in Porto Torres. The stay in this location is made even more interesting if you can attend and participate, in late August, in the regatta Vela Latina, important international event dedicated to the ancient sail to which hundreds of traditional vessels, coming from all over Italy, take part, in the crystal clear sea of Stintino. Vela Latina was the typical Mediterranean sail since the time of the Maritime Republics. Maddalena, with its windy island rich in natural inlets and picturesque harbors, is an ideal destination for sailing holidays. But not only: the area is also suitable for excursions on horseback and on mountain bike trails, an alternative way to experience the beaches at sunset and to enjoy brooms, the granite and natural sceneries.

It is worth making an excursion in the National Park on Asinara island, considered one of the most picturesque of the Mediterranean sea, between the colonies of white donkeys that still live wild. There are various activities that can be done, in compliance with the rules of the park: trekking along thematic routes, cycling, horseback trips with horses born and bred on the island, sailing excursions, guided scuba diving tours and visits with wheeled train that allows you to admire the landscapes you can find in the most beautiful sites. In the Gennargentu, a vast mountainous area of exceptional beauty, you can do several activities, including trekking, archaeological excursions and skiing on the areas between the Bruncu Spina (one of the highest peaks with its 1829 m) and Mount Spada, where there are skiing and refreshment facilities.

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What to Taste

Sardinian food satisfies the most demanding palate, with its simple taste, rich in natural ingredients. The main ingredient is wheat, worked in his best-known product, or carasauâ bread, but also as base for the famous malloreddus culurgiones and fregola. You cannot leave the island without tasting the delicious porceddu, little pig grilled and served on cork trays scattered with myrtle branches. Those who love the flavors of the sea, cannot miss the lobster of Alghero, the bottarga of Cabras and tuna of Carloforte. Other delicacies for fish dishes are clams soup and spaghetti with sea urchins. Even meats and cheeses are products of the tasty local cuisine, among which the most famous is certainly the pecorino cheese. And to accompany the tasty Sardinian dishes, the area offers excellent wines, like Vermentino di Gallura or Cannonau. Myrtle liqueur is also excellent.

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