Liguria is located among the coloured hills and the majestic mountains; it borders France. This offers a rich panorama of opportunities to those who choose it as a place for their holidays. Nature, sea, mountains, culture but also entertainment and night life: you will be spoilt for choice. Don’t be misled by the high jagged coastline, in fact small beaches of fine sand are not missing. The Cinque Terre and the Poets Gulf, the Gulf of Tigullio, of Genoa and Paradise Gulf, the Riviera delle Palme and the Riviera dei Fiori form the famous coast of Liguria, which stretches from Ameglia to Ventimiglia, for more than 300 km. Among the most important places, there are: Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Sestri Levante, with its enchanting Baia del Silenzio, and Chiavari. Here, in the night, there’s no shortage of entertainment and shopping; let alone the great Sanremo festival and the Casinò. And again, Portovenere in front of Palmaria island and Lerici, with its imposing medieval castle, its elegant villas and lush gardens. Don’t miss a visit to the beautiful sea that gives space to specimens of sperm whales, fin whales and dolphins, that in this area, called the “Sanctuary of Cetaceans”, have found their natural habitat where thy can live completely safe. A real natural paradise extends in the heart of Liguria, among its large woodland settings with its ancient trees, a meeting between nature and tradition; here, the history of this region, which has always been linked to his uncontaminated nature, oozes. The provinces are: Genova (regional capital), Imperia, Savona e La Spezia.

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Things To See

Also among the attractions of Liguria, there are uniquenesses that are part of the UNESCO as World Heritage. One of these sites is located in Genoa, city that belongs to the sea as much as the sea belongs to it, a place of meeting between old and new that provides a wide culture; in fact buildings, cuisine and enchanted places still tell about the ancient Maritime Republic . Among the Strade Nuove and the system of Rolli Buildings you can still find the “carruggi”, narrow alleys in the ancien part of Genoa; the “rolli” were the public registers from which the aristocratic dwellings, that would host State visits, were drawn. Spinola di Pellicceria building with its precious paintings by Rubens, Van Dyck and Bernardo Strozzi, Lercari Parodi building, Campanella Building, Podestà Building are some of the beautiful Renaissance buildings that can be admired by visiting this unique place. One of the main places to visit in Genoa is definitely the Aquarium, because here you can see many species of fish; it was designed by Renzo Piano, one of the most famous Italian architects, and offers one of the most advanced facilities of the environment; in conclusion, a show in every way! Another Unesco heritage site is the Cinque Terre of Genoa with Porto Venere and Palmaria islands, Tino and Tinetto. Surely once you visited the five seaside villages of Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, you cannot forget the wonders of the coast, where it’s hidden a small paradise uncontaminated sea, overhanging cliffs, scents and colors.

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What to Do

Surely in Liguria, relax and sport activities are predominant and they can be done in a gorgeous blue sea and along its 300 kilometers of coastline. Here there are some of the most beautiful marine parks of Italy: Cinque Terre, Portofino, Bergeggi, Gallinara and the famous Sanctuary of Cetaceans. Concerning whale watching, you can live a fascinating and instructive experience, thanks to the routes that you can follow in the sea discovering these specimens; in fact on board with you there will be a biologist who will provide you all the information and curiosities. For enthusiast of sea bottoms, you can turn to specialized diving centers where, thanks to the guides, even for the less experts, you can explore the depths of the Ligurian Sea; here there are stunning natural spectacles waiting for you.

Outside the sea there is the opportunity to conduct activities on the mainland, thanks to real open gym that offers the paths leading from the mountains to the coast, ideal for those who love trekking. You will immerse yourself in the most varied nature, starting from the climate of the mountains and descending to the clear sea, with the scents and colors typical of the Mediterranean scrub. Here there is no shortage of events, from 1951 in Sanremo the Festival of Italian Song takes place, attended by big singers of Italian music and new talents. Since 1962 Genoa hosts the Boat Show, a world-renowned event, which hosts, in about 300,000 square meters, the most important exhibitors in this industry.

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What to Taste

Who doesn’t remind immediately the Genoese pesto? In this case Liguria tradition brings on the table the famous sauce made with basil, pine nuts, garlic, Parmigiano cheese, pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil; it’s used to flavour trenette or borage ravioli. But this wise land is not only a reference point for sauces; in fact, it’s famous for its extra virgin olive oils or for its wines, such as Ormeasco and Rossese of Dolceacqua, Vermentino, Ciliegiolo and Bianchetta Genoa, Albarola and Pollera Nera of Riviera di Levante and Pigato of Salea Albenga. As a good coastal region, there’s no shortage of sea dish, such as fish soups, “ciuppin” and stockfish “buridda” and stuffed and fried sardines. Don’t THINGS that Pasqualina cake is a cake, in fact it’s a type of salted cake and it’s the queen of stuffed cakes, it contains herbs, cheese, eggs and is a speciality during Easter. Bread lovers can’t miss the “fugassa”, that is high and soft Genovese focaccia bread, covered by with onion slices and oil, and the thin “farinata di ceci” (chickpea porridge) cooked in the oven. Among other types of bread, as cakes, we remember the “pandolce Genovese”.

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