This beautiful region is located in the southern part of Italy and borders with Calabria and Puglia. This region is unique to visit because here you have the possibility to live a very different experience, loosing yourself in places where silence, colors, scents and flavors lead away from the din and bustle of modern life, offering wonderful sensations. Among the forests of Basilicata there are villages up to an altitude of 1000m. These places are great to stop and enjoy the pure air, genuine flavors and the beauties of nature. The Monticchio Lakes are considered a semi-explored area, and undoubtedly are one of the most spectacular areas of Basilicata. Lake Grande and Lake Piccolo occupy the two craters, now extinct, of the Mount Vulture, surrounded by a picturesque vegetation.Basilicata is washed by two seas: the Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. On the Ionian, with the two famous resorts of Metaponto and Policoro, there are great beaches with fine sand or pebbles.The Gulf of Policastro on the Tyrrhenian side, is characterized by small beaches but not less suggestive, indeed its waters are transparent and clear as crystal. The provinces are: Potenza and Matera.

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Things To See

Matera, called the city of Sassi, is a unique place and is part of UNESCO. Here you can see the many rock churches. The oldest part of the city is the Civita that leads into the ancient urban area formed by a dense network of caves, carved into the rock by shepherds to shelter their family and the beasts. This place is so special that is was chosen as the setting for several films, including “The Passion.” There is also the coast of Maratea, 32 km of coastline bathed by the Tyrrhenian sea, that is very famous for its beautiful seabed. In addition, through the boat tour you can visit the many caves that stud the coast. The town of Maratea is a precious pearl embedded in the charming Gulf of Policastro, dominated by the imposing statue of the Redeemer.

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What to Do

A spectacular landscape in which you can regenerate, have fun and eat well, all year long, is that of Basilicata. Indeed, even if it is a mostly wooded natural area, is very welcoming for fans. There are many opportunities for amusement and fun in winter, when snow covers the high peaks. But even on summer, the mountain is also a good place for those who love walking, climbing, cycling or just relax. According to the seasons, it is possible to play on the grass with the rollerbe (two-wheeler) or do snow tubing. Basilicata always offers good opportunity to spend holidays in a different way: with its wonderful places to visit and the many paths, can be explored by bike or on horseback or simply on foot.

These paths are scattered by streams and brooks that descend from the mountains, lakes surrounded by lush vegetation and then the sea, with its thousand shades of blue. Finally, not to be missed to enjoy water sports like rafting or canyoning, canoeing or sailing, scuba diving and sport fishing. For shopping or nightlife lovers, Maratea is the ideal destination: a look at the windows of the center, a dinner in one of the characteristic harbor restaurants, a dessert in the bar of the square and, to end the evening, a walk to one of the many clubs to dance until late night.

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What to Taste

Basilicata offers its cuisine with products entirely local, cleverly combined. The pasta, obtained from the durum wheat, here is absolutely the protagonist. It is handmade with ancient tools like Rasola and then served in various and traditional forms as minuich and the tria. Chili, in very tasty sauces, is always present and here is called diavolicchio. Panella – large loaves of bread made with flour and boiled potatoes – and pancotto or bread soup – slices of toasted bread softened in broth and enriched with eggs – are two typical dishes of bread, another recurrent food in Basilicata cuisine. The Lucanians are people very connected with tradition. The typical dishes are made with lamb, as the cazmarr, the polpettone made of entrails and cutturiddi, a kind of stew. Between the meat it is also appreciate the lucanica, a sausage of lean pork meat, prepared in many variations. Local cuisine also offers vegetables, but always combined with the chili. An example is the vegetable calzone, the ciammotta (fried potatoes, peppers and eggplant topped with tomato), the cialledda, with broad beans, potatoes and artichokes, and salad of lampaggioni.

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