PZ, Italy
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In Viggianello, in the heart of the Pollino National Park, at the beginning of the years
eighty we started a pig farm. Since then we feed our animals
with natural food, prepared by milling cereals, corn, acorns and other products of
local origin. Logical consequence of breeding was the realization of a
modern and rational laboratory for processing pork meat.

The production of Salumificio Pezzo la Corte is dedicated to all those who love the
genuine stuff and wanting to savor and taste the real typical quality product
of our territory.
Our products

The adoption of the disciplinary of the Pollino Park guarantees the typicality of ours
cold cuts, strictly without lactose, gluten and dyes. We produce them on the basis of
ancient recipes elaborated over the centuries by populations who have inhabited the
time the vast mountain region, now a protected area, close to the border between
Basilicata and Calabria.

The link with the territory is also present in the choice of the name: Pezzo la Corte
it is an ancient district where Greeks and Romans have left the marks of their civilization e
where the establishment still stands. Pigs used in processing
come from our kennel and small partner farms,
located in the Park area, which adopt the standard breeding procedure.