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He loves Italy and its fragrances

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Italy is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world. Its beauty is unique and rare because of its breathtaking landscapes, marvelous art and delicious food.

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Italy has a great artistic, historical and cultural heritage. Our country is home to many world heritage sites protected by UNESCO. Just to name a few: Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” in Santa Maria delle Grazie (1980) in Milan, The City and Palladian Villas in Veneto (1994-1996) in Vicenza, La Basilica di San Francesco and other Franciscan sites ( 2000) in Assisi.

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Our typical food products are healthy and genuine. Each region offers a wide range of typical products such as cheese, sausages, desserts and wines, all very tasty and absolutely not to miss

  • Beautiful people

Our people are open, friendly and collaborative. Italy is considered a country where dreamers and inventors have always been welcome and, for this reason, our people have always been able to create something big with little and to achieve great goals

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Italian craftsmanship is famous all over the world for its precious motifs and designs. In the next few years the request for professional skills based on dexterity and talent will increase. The creations of our masters of craftsmanship range from the processing of glass, wood and iron to all the raw material that can be modeled and worked

  • Night and day

Our excellent geographical position allows us to appreciate the beauty of our country, which changes from region to region as we have numerous dialects, customs and traditions. Below, you can take a look at the treasures of our regions one by one.

A Nation united by differencies Italy is divided in 20 regions, each one of those has unique culture and products

Come and meet Italy all year round

Discover Italy, come and visit at anytime of the year. From January to December 31st, the mild climate will alow you to explore wonderful museums, galleries, churches, coastlines that surround the entire peninsula, the volcanoes of the most beautiful island in the world. Enjoy the local food, different from region to region. In Italy you can swim in the sea also in December! It is the best place to find pleasure and relaxation. Don’t miss all the Christmas Markets, the Carnival that is celebrated in a thousand ways and for the whole Peninsula, the Holy Easter and live at full our magic Spring and Summer. People will welcome you with kindness and a warm greeting that does not exist anywhere else in the world. You will discover fairy landscapes, aphrodisiac climate, plenty od delicious food, people available and the best service every day of the year. Come to see us, not as tourist, but as a guest, and you will be greeted with the warm love of Italians!

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Delightful Products

Made in Italy products on Macrigi are of high quality and made following the traditions and craftsmanship of the past.  By “Made in Italy” we mean products produced in Italy with local raw materials or ingredients.

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