Contrada Torrazze, snc, Catania, Italy
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A leading company in the public and private building sector, Transports and Movimenti Terra srl ​​was founded in Catania in 1985. Its sole purpose, from the beginning, is achieved a high quality of buildings, the best materials on the market. with the innovative technologies built by specialized personnel with professional and technical experience that make this company more competitive in this field.


The Transportation and Movements Terra Ltd. does not only work in land transport, as can be deduced from its name, but is also interested in all the concentric buildings: from the common building to the “industrial” building. During his activity, he has developed considerable experience to carry out restoration works as buildings that stand out from important historians and artists (interest: the company has the qualifications and references that correspond to them to submit a tender to public works of all importance


Our goal is to build high quality buildings, using the best materials on the market with innovative construction technologies, made by highly qualified personnel with professional and technical experience that make this company the most reliable and competitive in this field.


PENTHOUSE SOA qualification in the following class:

OG 1 / 0G2 / 0G3 / 0G6 / 0G 11 / 0S1 / 056/0521 • House buildings • Industrial buildings • Roads and motorways tunnels • Diggings and demolitions • Restorations • Waterworks and sewers • Technological systems • Consolidation works The enterprise realizes by itself

The structure of the construction site. To the natural environment and to the nature of the environment

The company has a large number of cars for the different works, to operate in any situation, always with the maximum profit and safety: • Earth-moving machine • Transport materials matter! machine • Mobile and fixed scaffolding • Mini and large excavation • Mechanical shovel • Crane and digging mine.
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