Pandolio sc is a small Italian Ligurian company that produces artisanal and artisanal biscuits without butter and made with olive oil. Ou products are almost all vegan and without preservatives.

We have two ranges of pandolietti:

-Desserts: Classic Pandolietti, Chocolate Pandolietti, Cocoa and hazelnut Pandolietti, Lemon Pandolietti, Yogurt Pandolietti, Hemp Pandolietti, Wholemeal Pandolietti.

-Savorio: Classic Savory Appetizer Pandolietti, Rosemary Pandoletti, Pandolietti Onion, Pandolietti Parmesan, Pandolietti Pesto.

Our pandolietti are a must and are very successful close to our customers.

However, our products are not limited to “pandolietti” only, on the contrary we also produce two other ranges. The first is “butter products”, the only products we create with butter. In this range we find our “sfogliatine” (a leafy pastry) and our “Burossi”, these products are yeast-free.

So we have a latest range dedicated exclusively to Ligurian specialties, which are anchored in the cultural heritage of the region. This range begins with the presentation of our “Stroscia, Biscuit cake” which is a cake with olive oil. The tastes are varied, we have one with cocoa and hazelnut and another 2 smaller ones with Moscato d’Asti and another with cinnamon flavor. The last Ligurian specialty we produce is the “fisherman’s bread”, likewise a large biscuit. This product is crunchy on the outside and melting on the inside. Made with olive oil, consisting of olives, nuts, orange bark and grapes. We sell this type of products in standard form (box with the large cookie) and in a plastic bag of four cookies (the Pandolcini fisherman) for the most reasonable.

Our company is committed to sustainability, all our packaging is FSC papar and our company is structured to save energy.