The NOVALEGNO LTD is an’ industry manufacturer of doors in wood that has experience in the field of four generation.

The activity includes:

  • The line DOOR REI whose fire resistance can vary depending on the classes and certifications (REI 60 30 120), their use in accordance whit European regulations for fire prevention (UNI 9723) became mandatory in accommodation new construction or under renovation.
  • The line DOORS meets and neeads of civilian homes where the inner door is considered a piece of forniture, whic should be integrated in living areas designed to be in tune whit your own style.
  • The line DOORS TO THE COMMUNITY is designed to multivani buildings and construction of the community such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, public and private offices and in all environments where doors need whit the requirements of strenght, durability and functionality.

The organization, allows a highly flexible, whit the possibility to create and costomize any type of order, through a wide range of models, materials and accessories, satisfying every need whit a very good price – quality ratio.

The company has a large surface area whit state of the art machinery and equipment, design studio and a large exhibition hall where you can see some achievements.