SA, Italy

The name Masilicò comes from an ancient dialectal word typical of Cilento: “masilicoje”, basil. “Royal plant”, but also “king of herbs”. Masilicò is therefore a tribute to the magnificence of Cilento and to its flavours, unique in the world.

Our company has studied the territory, the production techniques and it has tried the best food and wine companies for almost a year, with the aim of bringing together the local producers rooted in the territory under one single brand.

The results of this research work can be found in our local excellencies, prepared without any additives, preservatives or colourings in order to please the palate experiencing a journey through time and flavours.

Born from the passion for genuine flavours and for the extraordinary Cilento area, Masilicò brings together, promotes and makes available to everyone the culinary excellence of the best peasant tradition.

An authentic healthy food culture made of research, quality and knowledge of the places in which this culture has its roots: the lands of the Mediterranean diet.

Our company enhances traditional processings and brings intact to our table artisan savours.

Recognized in 2010 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Mediterranean diet is the nutritional model inspired by the habits of Mediterranean countries.

A diet used for millennia but theorized only in 1945 by the American doctor Ancel Keys that, after a series of studies, found that the Mediterranean population had the highest longevity and the lowest frequency of cardiovascular diseases.

A wellness due to habits consolidated over the centuries remained unchanged until today.

Despite being a relatively young company, we aim to get from tradition the secrets of living well and for long time through the pleasures of the table.

Masilicò embodies these ancient values ensuring to each tasting a sensory experience.

We are committed to selecting the best raw materials and craftsmanship to make them available on the market with innovative and “user friendly” tools, spreading the knowledge of the habits, history, traditions of the territory and scientific foundations that have allowed the Mediterranean diet to be registered by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.