95040, Italy

When two hard-working, intriguing minds with a sparkling heart are able to grasp the potential of a place, a cellar and a bottle, a winning project can only be born. It is the story of Luca Licciardello and Antonino Vitale, two young Sicilians who have bet on their future, giving life to a project called Giovinotto Wines.
The winery “GIOVINOTTO” was born in the year 2017. It is a small-sized company, with a short history, which starts from a difficult and fought territory that is the land of Sicily, and then turns into a daily challenge that makes people talk of oneself, of the wonders, of the generosity and of the quality that this land has to offer, both in the national territory as well as in the international and world context.
All this is linked to the company philosophy based on the fact that wine must be the most authentic expression of the territory, the expression of a centuries-old tradition of tradition, which also offers experimentation and allows the expansion of the labels.
The project continues with determination and bears the signature of a wine that is the utmost and authentic expression of all the excellence and quality of Made in Sicily.