Corsivo, Italian style

Creativity, style and comfort of an exclusive Made in Italy excellence. After decades of activity in the clothing sector, with a particular specialization in leather bags and cases, as producers, the group for more than two generations, active with the laboratory in Naples, widely established in the national markets, the Corsivo brand is born. In a short time, companies already established in Italy and abroad decide to enrich their offer with customized bags, designed, modeled and supplied with our brand. Our design is aimed in particular at sophisticated companies, lovers of unique and high quality objects, who appreciate and make us proud of our collections. Our ancient knowledge and the skilled hands of artisans of the ancient Neapolitan school are able to shape bags, suitcases and accessories with the taste of tradition and exclusivity to which all the objects of the Italico brand belong. Wallets, briefcases, backpacks, professional and travel bags: the processing and quality Corsivo leather will make even simple everyday objects unique and special.