Corato, BA, Italy

The “Borgo La Capricciosa” farm was founded in September 2019 in Corato (BA), it is a company with a strong character and family management. Our key product is Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Olia, Coratina cultivar.Our properties extend over various territories in the north of Bari, of which 3.00 hectares and approximately 670 Coratina olive trees for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Bio Cosmetics.The extraction methods are cold through mechanical procedures such as not to undergo any type of organoleptic variation of the product.After years of OLEARIA production at a purely family level, we decided to undertake a path not aimed at the production of a mass product, but r ather at diversification through research and development, associating handmade Made in Italy objects.

In our shop we offer for sale our distinct FASHION FOOD, Beverage, jewerly & Accessories collections, that is:

Extra virgin olive oil: – Associated with jewelry collections in 925 silver and diamonds, handmade; for the wines – “Sense” Collection, the latter intended as Sensory and aimed at an exclusive, young audience; to finish with Bio Cosmetics; – made from our extra virgin olive oil for unisex body care.

The graphics, the choice of packaging, the colors, and all the details that give life to unique products as a whole are developed by us, through study, planning and design and subsequently entrusted to our partners for the final realization. Our Brand is synonymous with high quality, many of the parts that characterize our bottles are made by hand, in order to simultaneously verify that the entire production process is correctly controlled in order to guarantee the customer a high-end product, such as in a sartorial haute couture shop or artisan jewelery shop.