Artes is an Italian company specializing in the planning and supply furniture to offices, store, bar, restaurants and hotels.
Born in the ’70s like a small artisan company, it has grown over time, thanks to the passion and strong vocation for the sector, becoming a solid business reality today.
Thanks to an internal technical office, Artes can offer design and consulting services, from rational study of spaces and paths to the choice of details in terms of materials, colors and finishes.


1977: born a small artisan company based in the textile and furnishing sector.
1985: it specialized in the furniture sector, developing its own woodworking production.
2000: the new project Artes s.r.l. the result of a development strategy geared to addressing the new challenges of the future.
Today: Artes, a growing reality, with a strong and consolidated image, achieved thanks to the experience gained over the years.


Artes constantly strives to offer quality by seeking innovative solutions in design and fulfilment of furnishings, with the aim of meeting customer desires and needs, while respecting the basic safety and environmental protection requirements.



Our main customers:
Ubi Banca S.p.a, Banca di Credito Cooperativo, Università della Calabria, ANAS, ASP Cosenza, Comando Legione Carabinieri Calabria,
and many other public institution and private customers…