The beauty and the good (indeed tasty) of Cilento – Tradition and innovation

Masilicò: a precious ally of the food and wine tradition of Cilento

Food as part of a life journey, made of beauty, of taste, but also of the awareness of our roots.

We must take care of this history, our territories and our tradition. Innovating processes without abandoning the quality or the spirit with which they were created.

Among the many pearls of which Italy is rich, one of the most famous is the Cilento. A place named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It all started with an olive grove...

Right in the heart of this land there is a young but dynamic company that was born from two brothers, Osvaldo and Angela Maria Pierro.

They bravely launched into the agri-food sector and founded Masilicò. A company that researches, collects and sells the best products of Cilento in the world.

Quality is the hallmark of this company by distributing only products that do not undergo industrial processes.

Osvaldo explains how this passion was born: “from an olive grove of the family house”. Among those centuries-old trees was born the interest for this sector and for the traditions bells. The mission is precise: the search for the excellence of the territory of Campania. A way to sponsor this world heritage that is the Mediterranean diet. A longevity diet that never fails to be enjoyed on the table.

That’s why Masilicò is also committed to recovering the traditions, telling the processing processes to enhance them. In fact, what is distributed is not a product but a lifestyle.

We want to preserve the ancient flavors and in this way we also support small craft companies in the area.

An oil to taste with everything

The pride of this experience is the oil, symbol of the vocation of the Pierro brothers for the Cilento.

“It is an aromatic and tasty oil that is mainly obtained from the pressing of olives of the varieties Pisciottana, Rotondella, Ogliarola, Frantoiana, Salella and Leccino.”

This oil is the result of ancient traditions, especially as regards the phases of collection, transport and conservation.

To benefit from the PDO brand, the olives are harvested by hand or with machinery that doesn’t damage the plants.

Then they are pressed within 48 hours of harvesting ».

Cilento, how many excellences!


The master artisans of Cilento pasta tell the art of ancient traditions for a sublime pasta. It is obtained from durum wheat semolina flour and is then extruded in bronze. This process makes it wrinkly and excellent for collecting sauces. Also maintains the nutritional properties of pasta.

Our jams and assorted varieties of honey, together with cookies make your breakfasts nutritious and tasty

Precious and tasty, Masilicò products bring love for a territory, its fruits and its traditions to the tables.

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