Wine Box Tasting Winery “Crinale”

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The Tasting Box contains:

  • 1 bottles of “Micaur” D.O.C.G. Pecorino (75cl per bottle)
  • 1 bottles of  “Castum” D.O.C.G. Passerina (75cl per bottle)
  • 2 bottles of “Re Nero” Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC (75cl per bottle)
  • 2 bottles of “Quiterano” Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC (75cl per bottle)

Production Area: Castorano (AP), Southern Marche, Italy

Minimum order: 1 box

1000 in stock

Ships From: Italy

Macrigi Ltd IL CRINALE
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Company introduction:

Il Crinale is a family run wine producer making top quality red and white, still and sparkling wines, in the heart of the Marche region in Italy.

Since the late 70s the vineyard has been owned, managed and expanded by the Quintadamo family. For over 30 years the wine grapes have been produced and sold to important winemakers all over Italy.

As a natural bonding between the family know-how, together with the accumulated experience and the Piceno territory, a winery was inaugurated in 2006.

Every part of the wine making process takes place onsite in the “Crinale” state of the art winery.
The vineyards are tended throughout the year, each vine pruned by hand through the winter and then carefully trained, trimmed and nurtured during the summer months.

The landscape is also looked after with areas preserved for the habitat of wild flowers, insects and wildlife to balance the cultivation. In 2001 the farm became Organic Certified from the “Suolo & Salute”, one of the most important Italian organic certification bodies.

The combination of tradition and innovation is the core of “Il Crinale” family winery business.

The Promo Box contains:

    • 1 bottle of “Micaur” Offida Pecorino DOCG
      “Micaur” is a white wine produced with Pecorino grapes, pale yellow with reflexes tending to greenish.The taste is fresh and very harmonious, light and balanced, ideal to pair with appetizers, vegetables, fish and white meat.”Micaur” has a characteristic straw colour with greenish shades.It presents a very intense smell, with vegetable and floral notes and a pleasant fragrance. It leaves an enduring freshness on the palate, accompanied by the typical notes of hawthorn, honey and tropical fruits.The freshness is joined by a great balance and an harmonic taste, but also by sapidity and fullness.


    • 1 bottle of “Castrum” Passerina D.O.C.G.
      The colour is light yellow with green reflections.The smell is fresh, fruity, floral, herbaceous and have a clear hint of acacia flower, but also exotic fruits and honey.The taste is just as crisp, with hints of green apple. At the same time it is dry and characterized by obvious mineral hints.The aftertaste is bitter but with spicy notes, very pleasant and persistent. High levels of acidity.Overall, “Castrum” is an intense, full-bodied, aromatic and unique wine.


    • 2 bottles of “Re Nero” Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC
      “Re Nero” Rosso Piceno Superiore DOC is obtained from the traditional vinification of Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes.A wine of ancient origins that goes nicely with roasts, meat dishes and cheese.The possible presence of sediments is to be considered synonymous of genuineness.Once ripe, the color is a beautiful intense ruby ​​red with purple reflections. With maturation the tones become more vivid and the shades tend to an orange colour.

      The wide aromas recall hints of flowers and fruits.

      The taste keeps its promises: warm, dry and full-bodied, it has a long and soft persistence where you can sense dried fruit and flowers, jam, and licorice root, pleasantly bitter.

      Alcohol content: minimum 12°C overall.

      Optimal age: after three years the wine reaches an ideal ripeness that gives it characteristics of refined and velvety softness.

      In particular vintages the wine can be enjoyed even after the fifth year of age. However, consumption is allowed as early as the first of November of the year following the harvest.


  • 2 bottles of “Quiterano” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC
    Quiterano is made with the best grapes of Montepulciano sunny hills of Abruzzo and aged in oak barrels.The colour is a beautiful ruby red with violet minor nuances that increasingly tend to darken with the progress of ageing.The hints, intense and ethereal, are fruity and tend to express precious notes of ripe fruit, jam, soft fruits, visciola cherry and spices.Quiterano taste is crispy, fruity, with hints of ripe fruits and spices. The overall taste is dry, tannic, fruity and very harmonious. Aged in oak barrels, increases its pleasant aromatic and spicy notes. The possible presence of sediments is to be considered as synonymous of authenticity.

    Quiterano is a pleasant pairing with spicy cheese and roast meat.


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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 50 x 34 x 61 cm


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Il Crinale è un’azienda vinicola a conduzione familiare che produce vini bianchi, rossi e spumantizzati di alta qualità, nel cuore delle Marche, in Italia.

Dalla fine degli anni ’70 il vigneto è stato di proprietà, gestito e ampliato dalla famiglia Quitadamo. Da oltre 30 anni le uve da vino sono state prodotte e vendute a importanti produttori di vino in tutta Italia.

Come naturale legame tra competenza di famiglia, insieme all’esperienza accumulata e al territorio del Piceno, nel 2006 è stata inaugurata una cantina.

Ogni parte del processo di vinificazione avviene nella cantina Crinale.
I vigneti vengono coltivati ​​durante tutto l’anno, ogni vite viene potata a mano durante l’inverno e poi accuratamente cresciuta, rifilata e nutrita durante i mesi estivi.

Il paesaggio è anche curato con aree preservate per l’habitat di fiori selvatici, insetti e fauna selvatica per bilanciare la coltivazione. Nel 2001 l’azienda ha avuto la certificazione biologica dal “Suolo & Salute” uno dei più importanti enti italiani di certificazione biologica.

La cantina si affaccia con una terrazza naturale dal panorama mozzafiato sulla campagna dai vigneti coltivati ​​con i vitigni più tipici della provincia del Piceno, generalmente destinati alla produzione di vini tradizionali DOC e DOCG come il Rosso Piceno Superiore, la Passerina ed il Pecorino.

La combinazione di tradizione e innovazione è il cuore del business della famiglia “Il Crinale”.

Una convinzione sostenuta per produrre vini di alta qualità.

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Ships From: Italy

Macrigi Ltd IL CRINALE
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