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Risuona. The piece of wood that amplifies.

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My name is Ubaldo Samuelli. I'm a designer and artisan.

I made Risuona, a piece of wood that amplifies.
Idea was born in 2014 since.

I had forgotten to recharg my portable speaker bluetooth.
I have begun therefore to work on the idea to realize a natural ecostenibile amplifier

It plays again.

Risuona is possible to bring it anywhere: to the beach,to the country etc.

Risuona is the first high-end consumer product in the portable speaker category to operate on the physical principle of acoustic waves.
Exploiting this principle, Risuona allows natural smartphone speaker amplification with an extraordinary sound quality.

Minimal and smart design.

Recyclable and renewable materials.

Zero energy consumption.

Environmental and social sustainability.

Risuona's body is made of birch plywood with inserts in solid wenge wood, while the side panels are in layered solid wood. The sides are available in four different kinds of wood: wenge, maple, cherry or mahogany.
The models of Risuona they are four:
- Nano, the smallest, measure 10x10x10 cms
Cube 120, every side measure 12 cms;

  • - Steve, from the very particular form, it has measures of 10x14x17 cms

  • Cubo160, suitable also for iPad, measure 16x16x16 cms.

  • Risuona is suitable for all smartphone models: for those with the speaker at the bottom as well as for those with the speaker on the back.Whatever the type of wood you prefer, you can also order Risuona with the side panels decorated with engravings (you can choose from five available drawings).

    The assembly of the Risuona components is done using only phenolic gluing and the finished product is treated with polyurethane varnishes with a glossy finish.

    All Risuona models are supplied in their own box with a wireless charger.

Risuona & Macrigi the Real Business in the World

The perfect marriage to grow in the world



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