Mission Macrigi

Our Vision and Mission

Macrigi’s Mission is to promote the wholesale of Made in Italy products internationally, thanks to a constantly growing network of agents and distributors. Macrigi offers a solid sales network, guiding Italian producers to find the best sales opportunities, and customers to find the best Made in Italy products at wholesale prices.

The Macrigi Mission is a fundamental part of the dream of our CEO & Founder G. Castelli. His desire has always been to create a partnership between all those small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain international visibility that they would not be able to obtain otherwise individually. The mission is therefore to bring together all the best expressions of Italian craftsmanship on a single platform, in order to display the best image of Made in Italy at an international level.

A Sales Network that works

Global Sales Network

  • A solid Sales Network in the United Kingdom
  • Sales Network in the European Market
  • Expansion to Middle East and Asian Markets

Sales Agents in the Sector

  • Expert agents in international Sales
  • Typology of sectors in sharp increase
  • Direct search for the desired products and manufacturers.

Wholesale Agents

  • Direct contact with suppliers
  • Deep knowledge of the product and sector.
  • Warranty and sales assistance directly with the retailer.

Global Sales Network

Our sales network currently operates in the United Kingdom, and in the European market.  We are now expanding our network to Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Sales Agents play a crucial role in our vison, as they are the bridge between manufacturers and wholesalers. Agents estabilish relationships with the suppliers in Italy and assist distributors and wholesalers all over the globe.  Their key role is to connect with each others to provide both manufacturers and customers a seamless business experience.

Sales Agents in the Sector

The sales network is made up of agents specialised in the dedicated sectors and located in the producer’s area.

The sectors of interest are many and constantly expanding:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Luxury
  • Artworks
  • Handcrafts
  • Fashion
  • Furniture
  • Constructions
  • Technology
  • Services
Rete commerciale all'estero di Macrigi

Wholesale Agents

Our Agents will take care of getting you known abroad by marketing your wholesale products.

In the wholesale market, knowledge of the sector is important. Each Agent has a thorough training of the product to sell.

The wholesale Sales Agent meets the retailer directly to satisfy every sales request. The agent will follow you step by step, ensuring the quality and availability of the product.

How the Macrigi Marketplace Platform works

If you are a Wholesaler

Register as a Wholesaler

Subscribe for free by filling out the form in a few simple steps. Then log into the Macrigi portal to take advantage of discounted prices available only for wholesale dealers. Discounts and promotions are only visible to registered users.

Manage your orders on the portal

You can manage your orders directly from the Macrigi portal in complete freedom; choose the payment method you prefer; make orders for products or services even with a minimum quantity.

Shipping by DHL international courier

Your shipments will be executed by DHL international courier, from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 business days.
Thanks to the tracking system, you will be able to know where your goods are and when are due to be delivered.

Advertising on Social and Google Ads

When you register as a wholesaler, Macrigi will sponsor your business on all the channels at its disposal: Social, Blog Macrigi, Newspapers, Ads on the Google search engine, Facebook Ads.
Advertising lasts 15 days upon receipt of the first order and the material to be advertised.

Send your feedback on the product/service

The wholesaler who purchased the product or service will be able to review the item/service by sending us an e-mail on purchase experience and your personal feedback on the product. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

Benefits for the wholesale dealer

The wholesaler who buys on the Macrigi portal has several important advantages:
1. Access to discounted prices reserved for wholesale dealers only.
2. Being able to purchase products/services even with minimal quantity.
3. Having the business ad vertised on all the channels available to Macrigi: social networks, Blog,Google Ads, Facebook Adv.

If you are a small-medium Italian company

Open your ecommerce window

Choose the Plan which suits you best: Piano Basic/Gold/Platinum. Sign up by filling in the registration form and in a few simple steps your shop will be online.

Publish your products on Macrigi

Upload and manage your products on your online shop by filling in the fields from a simple product management screen. Macrigi assistance will check that you have correctly entered the data in the fields and that the product is certified Made in Italy.

Sales Agent assigned

When your e-commerce showcase is ready to sell your products, you will be assigned a Sales Agent who will advertise your products directly with wholesalers abroad.

Advertising on Social and Google Ads

When you will register as a manufacturer, Macrigi will advertise your business on all the channels at its disposal: social networks, website, newspapers, Google Ads, Facebook Ads.
Advertising lasts 15 days from receipt of the first order and the material to be published.

Receive orders and cash in

You can manage the orders of your customers directly on the Macrigi portal. Verify that the transaction for the purchase of your product has been successful. Then switch to the product shipment.

Prepare the shipment with the conventioned DHL couriers

Your shipments will be executed by DHL international courier from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 5 business days.
Thanks to the tracking system, you will be able to know where your goods are and when are due to be delivered.

Receive positive reviews from your customers

Once the order is executed, the user will provide you with a review of the purchase. Reviews are important as they will give future potential customers an idea of the company and will give you a feedback on your products.
Remember: a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

Become a Macrigi Agent

If you have a solid experience in sales of products/services, an excellent attitude to understand the needs of others, skills of empathy, effective communication, being able to travel in autonomy, and especially if you love your job, apply to become a Macrigi Sales Agent.
We are looking for people like you!

The Benefits

On-Line Platform Support

Regional mandate

Attractive Income and Royalties

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