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Letter to Minister Teresa May


Dear Minister Teresa May,
This is the moment to make an important decision as your predecessor Minister Cameron has left you a very beautiful Cat to be peeled , which he has played badly and lost and de too his fears, he gave the resignation leaving to you the most important match on the world scene.
Like a game of chess, You are now and in checkmate, but You don’t want to admit that the game is over

Look good from the outside what is played on this game.
On the Chessboard there are interests which want that this balance point , the only one which can bring balance to Europe, should be aside to give more power to Germany and France in order to take them the important decisions for Europe and the Globe, while the USA tries to build a barrier to the United Kingdom in Europe



Surely you who have a superior vision from our beyond view.
Our question that leads us to different reflections is:

Why should you Brexit?

Why should you abandon the greatest ideas of ​​the founding fathers of which the United Kingdom was artificed, Why do you not recognize and reflect that UK is equivalent to: freedom, integration, culture, emancipation, innovation and practically a global example to follow.

Today this country has the opportunity to change and win the game we mentioned above.

One Million and maybe more have shown her that she can reposition the pieces again in the global panorama and I reassre You that she will win and remain in history as the savior of Global Democracy.


We understand that this might present a great political risk, as you know after this political experience, you have two choices:
1- To be remembered as a ferryman of this chasm not only of the United Kingdom but also of the World.
2- Or as the woman who stopped the games that are done behind the scenes behind her using her as a pedestrian and not as a Queen

It is not fair that the English Monarchy remains to look at the havoc of a Nation.

As part of the Italian Community in the United Kingdom, we believe that we have the right to give our opinion, perhaps dictated by the long history that binds us.

We have given the world: culture, examples, innovation, freedom and have always protected these values.

John Lennon wrote a song that to this day is a symbol and a wish for all the dwellings of God,
the title is “IMAGINE” the text contains the whole concept of what the UK values and symbols represent for the whole world.

The United Kingdom has always been the symbol of integration for the whole world.

See now, that if you stand against these values, you only fulfill the interests of a few petty and incompetent world politicians.

Look at how companies are gradually turning their backs on you and leaving.

To rebuild what we have today, it will take decades but we will always be left behind. Only you, as a United Kingdom, are the only one who can make the difference in the United Europe.

You are the only one who can Oppose as you have always done to the dark powers that now smile and toast to their still not-Victory.

Dear Minister Teresa May,
only You can change today everything and save those people who believe in the flag of the United Kingdom , just have the goodness to dress as simple people and Look at everything from another perspective and predict what Germany and France will do without the UK.

The request I can make and I believe that it is not only mine and that we allow ourselves to make a second round of votes.
Today with the awareness of what we expect and not with the deception of the first and finally we can choose democratically whether to Remain or Brexit

This is a letter instinctively  written out of my desire to communicate a thought that may make us think.
I apologize for the non-perfect English language.
I wish you good work and lots of strength to make the choice to Remain in the European Union

Kind Regards
Giovanni Castelli
CEO Macrigi LTD

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