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Handmade Figurines

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In the Italian Crib there are statues that represent the oldest crafts.

Among those, the most widespread are certainly those of the peasant and shepherd.

Among our entirely handmade statues, there is the figure of the farmer, who holds the pitchfork moving with the bust to the right and left to arrange the straw on the sheaf.

You will also be able to find the ever-present sheperds, who were among the first to welcome the newborn Jesus.

The figure of the shepherd often appears in the Bible, becoming the symbol of the relationship between God and His People.

Among our statues you can find two specimens, the most “classic”, the sheperd with the sheep, which features a double movement: the shepherd raises and lowers the hand stroking the head of the sheep, while this in turn moves the head.

The second specimen is the geese shepherd, who lies down to watch them, moving his arm with the cane in his hand.

Find out more details and features of our handmade figurines by visiting “Il Mastro Presepaio” page at

Il Mastro Presepaio

Il Mastro Presepaio

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