Research and innovation for the everyday life

Since 1995, with the brilliant intuition of the CEO and Founder of “Valmar Tessile Intelligente, the company is striving to bring research and innovation to the use of textiles in … Continue Reading →

Il Crinale Winery: A passion worth a prize

Il Crinale Winery: joy and passion are always rewarded When we received the email from Luca Maroni’s staff who placed us among the best Italian wines with a high score … Continue Reading →

Macrigi’s letter Against Brexit

Letter to Minister Teresa May   Dear Minister Teresa May, This is the moment to make an important decision as your predecessor Minister Cameron has left you a very beautiful … Continue Reading →

The Macrigi Family

Become a member of the Macrigi Family A world of people devoted to their mission, surrounded by certified companies, making the best Made in Italy products with passion. At Macrigi … Continue Reading →


In 2016 from the idea of Dr Antonio Lauro the D-IOOC was born, whose name changed in EVO-IOOC nel 2018. Since the first edition, the contest was proclaimed by theWREVOO … Continue Reading →

Snackbag the Passion and Goodness Snack

SNACKBAGS: BORN FROM THE PASSION FOR FOOD AND THE ITALIAN CULTURE Marco and Monica, with their love for the Italian territory, together with the passion for food and culture, find … Continue Reading →


by Roberto Marchiore ARCHETYPE October 14, 2018 in Macrigi-it Archetype….what is at the origin. A spherical shape donated to us by nature, perfect in its imperfections, primitive within evolved inside. … Continue Reading →

Pandolio – there is no better way to eat

  Pandolio is a family company founded more of 50 years ago, specialized in food sector. Our products are natural, without preservatives and hand-made, this is very important for us, to … Continue Reading →

Risuona. The piece of wood that amplifies.

My name is Ubaldo Samuelli. I’m a designer and artisan. I made Risuona, a piece of wood that amplifies. Idea was born in 2014 since. I had forgotten to recharg … Continue Reading →

What is Italy?

Is o this ur Italy   An Italy that still today looking at this picture reminds us how we were and how we are today. The heart of Italians is … Continue Reading →