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Join the Macrigi Affiliate Program.
This is a great opportunity for those who wish to work and make money with Italian products all over the world. The Macrigi Marketplace platform offers small and medium-sized Made in Italy companies the opportunity to sell their products/services abroad on the
B2B and B2c

The Italian Companies

We carefully select the companies on the Macrigi Platform: we make sure that their products are high quality, certified Made in Italy before they can access and sell their products on our platform.

Products/Services in evidence

We only sell certified Made in Italy products. Italy is one of the countries with the highest number of Certified Agro-Food Excellencies (DOC, DOP, IGP, TSG, and more). Our quality control agents ensure that each product meets all our high standards.

The mission to sell to B2B

We want to export the beauty of the real Made in Italy directly to the shelves of the best international retailers. Our categories range from food & beverage to fashion, luxury, design, technology, crafts, services, machinery and construction industry

Our Marketplace Categories

Luxury Clothing Artistic Works Food Furniture Artisanship Services Technologies Buildings

By clicking "Apply Now" I declare that I have read and accepted the "Trade Agreement"

Exclusive dividend system

A method designed to create an efficient and long-lasting Team. We offer you immense chances of growth and excellent revenues, thanks to our affiliate program based on the link you share on oyour website or blog. Join our successful and ambitious team!

Royalties and Income

Royalties are our exclusive remuneration method: it consists on gaining a commission every time a customer register and make a purchase on the platform through the links you shared on your website or blog. This commission is also recognised for every future purchase that your customer will make!

Operation of the Affiliate system

The Macrigi platform integrated a sshared link based affiliation system that manages the work of all our affiliates, entirely online and from any device. A unique software manage the customer registration, commissions, sales statistics, communications and much more.

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